Thursday, January 03, 2008

Car "Owie" (i'm so tired and I need a moment to vent)

I am a bit tired today. I'm in the midst of dealing with a car "owie" for lack of a better phrase. One car payment left and bam!
Just before the Christmas holiday (December 13) mums and I were out and about finishing up some last minute shopping. We'd been absolutely everywhere around the city. Admittedly the weather was horrible and the roads weren't much better. I am a very safe driver, and go very cautiously because that's all you can do.
Well, exactly two blocks from home a driver on a side street is coming up to his stop sign to quickly, so since he can't stop he starts sliding into the intersection right at me. He didn't hit me because I managed to swerve as far out of his way as possible, (a good thing because mums would have been in the hospital for sure)but in the process my car slid across the other side of the road (thank god no on coming traffic!!!!!!) and I hit a curb really hard.
Anyways. It hit it so hard the tire rim bent, and the tie rod broke. Because of all the snow I couldn't see any damage to the tire right away, because it was basically in a snow bank at that point, so it wasn't until I tried to take it home that I realized it wasn't steering correctly. Somehow, I managed to get it back home to my driveway (god bless blinkers and slow driving) where it's been waiting for three weeks for insurance companies and appraisers to enjoy their holiday. I just got it towed to the dealer this morning to see what they could do. I only have the rental car for a few more days and I really want this all taken care of.
So to sum it all up, because of some idiot my life has been wrapped up for three weeks with trying to get this fixed, and the stupidest thing of all is even though he caused it, he never actually hit me so it all went against my insurance and not his. Bites big time. I'm getting over it though. I just really had to vent. I am hoping that it will all settle out before the weekend is over.

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PiNkdOtTiEs said...

oh no! this sucks!! Good think you are ok right? Well, I just hope everything works out! Gosh, that a buster.