Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Car "Owie" The saga continues

Ok, hopefully not too much longer now before my car will be fixed. I heard from my mechanic on Friday of last week that the actual price it was going to cost to have my car fixed was $1300.00. The insurance company only estimated it at 460.00, 200.00 of that being my deductible. Well since there was more damage than originally expected they had to go back out and appraise it again. I hear this morning now that they gave an additional estimate of $750.00. So with any luck I should know from my insurance agent this afternoon exactly how much extra I'll be getting a check for. If all goes according to plan (and please everyone, keep your fingers crossed) I should only be about $400.00 out of pocket for this stupid thing, and then I can set back to the process of sending the last stupid payment so I can own it outright. Ugh.

Just for the will be officially one month from the accident date tomorrow. It would be nice to have this finally resolved. Who needs this stress!!!

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