Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have been remiss in updating and so I'm making a point tonight of updating you all on what I've been busy doing over the past month and a half. It's no secret that I love anything relating to fabric, well ok, let me be totally honest, anything sewing,crocheting,painting,etc.,etc.,etc. So much so that now when I'm asked when I'm buying fabric "what are you working on" (which I think is an obligatory conversation starter they make the Joann etc. cutters ask) I simply say "oh nothing! Just collecting it for later". So since I have a show in November (maybe two) I figured I should get busy getting back to using all of these delicious items I collect, so here goes. I'll apologize now for the length of this post. It might be a while before I get back to it again. Enjoy!

This is one of three work surfaces currently in use. As you can see there are three purses in progress, all in various stages of development. Creative minds I find, jump around ALOT! Well at least mine does. You can also see there is another pile of fabric ready to have bags cut out of them, and the pile in the middle in the back are purses ready to go next.

This is a display currently developing in the studio. Recently on Craigslist we found a lady who was selling off hardware from a scrapbook store she had. We got some great racks and things cheap! cheap! cheap! When I'm not working on bags and purses, I'm busy making fabric/crochet greeting cards, and hat/scarf sets. The yarn in the baskets is just a fraction of what I have. Can someone please help this poor sad craft addict?

This lovely bag above is one that I'm assembly lining in the studio. I made this one specifically for my cousin who graduated last weekend from St.John Fisher. Her favorite colors are black and pink, she loved it and that made me feel great! Nothing gives me more satisfaction that to know I've made a gift someone loves right off the bat. She put it to use right away! Such a nice feeling.

This is another rack we got from the same woman a few weeks ago. The were just long wire grid pieces. We attached them together to make a triangular diplay and it's working so wonderfully. My bags aren't getting wrinkled because they can hang and lets face it, they just look nicer on display. If you can't tell from the picture, I've been busy sewing...(I'm starting to sense a pattern, I think I may need to get out more!)Does anyone know when a hobby starts to border on obsession?

And finally, for now anway, yep you guessed it! Another bag! Well that and the new mannaquins we got from another person on Craig's list for $25.00 a piece. He bought out all the display units from a store that was closing. That worked for me because these can easily go for a few $100 dollars or so. The whole thing comes apart so you can put pants on it, and if need be the torso will set on a table for an entirely different display. Cool huh?

Well everyone, thanks for looking. I will hopefully manage some more items to Etsy this week. I've been way behind in that too!
Oh, and with all of this going on, I start a silkscreening class in two weeks.
Chao for now!


Susan said...

Oh such yummy stuff!!! I am so jealous of your productivity!!!

I had 10 days off between the end of semester and the start of microbiology and I spent 4 of them babysitting a friend's daughters and the rest of them being deathly (in my opinion) sick with a major cold/sinus infection. Class starts Tuesday.

I miss you my friend and hope we can pick up some time this summer. I want to play so badly!

My love to your Mom too!

PiNkdOtTiEs said...

you should put up for aprons for sale on etsy! I wish we had a silk screen only class.