Sunday, June 08, 2008

My mother and I moved into our house about 3.5 years ago now, and in all that time we've gone about renovating and redecorating it. I knew the minute we saw the house that I was going to have this particular bedroom and that I would eventually repaint it a lovely light light green. Well a few weeks ago my sister (thanks Jo) gave me these great dressers (she's redecorating as well), and although they are new to me, they work perfect for the space I have, and are better than anything I've ever had to date, so I'm pretty happy with them. Especially the one that fit perfectly in the back of my way to small, impossible to organize 1950's style closet. The dresser now works great for things like extra bedding, and winter hats and gloves. It's great! So anyway the whole redecorating bug has bit, and I bought the paint yesterday. The room will eventually be light green with white trim ( a far cry from the rooms yellow walls and yellow trim that I'm working with now) which will be such a FRESH change. I'll keep you posted. Happy Sunday everyone.

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