Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hi everyone! Sorry to not update in a while. September was an interesting month to say the least, but I think the worst is just about over. I started the month with another sinus infection and just as soon as I finished a ten day round of antibiotics, my back muscle decided it was going to start spasming. Seven prescriptions, 2 Primary care visits, and x-ray and Physical therapy later the diagnosis is Arthritis.
So anyway I can now walk again, and all those other good things you can do when your able to bend, so I have some super updating to catch up on. I decided since I couldn't do much else but sit for days at a time I would crochet a blanket out of all the stray balls of yarn I had left from other projects to donate or give away to someone who needed a blanket, and I'm happy to say it's almost done, mostly because I have only 7 small balls of yarn left to finish it, so I'll be sure and put a picture up of it soon.
For now it's off to start the process of catching everything up.
Special thanks to Karla who sent me this really cool necklace she made. It cheered me up more than she knows. I'll post that picture soon too.
More soon!!!

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