Monday, October 27, 2008

"Off with Her Head!!"

This Friday is Halloween and although I feel ahead of the game as far as the costumes and activities go, I still have a lot to do. My back has made me move just a bit slower, so sitting at a sewing machine has been an on again, off again process. However I did finish my costume this weekend and only have one and a half to go. I am the Ace of Spades and it came out really great. Now if I could just find a black turtle neck shirt I'd be all set. Why doesn't anyone have one? I've been to any number of stores, even the mens department!!! Ugh! Anyway, minor problem.
I have a million and one things that I want to finish up, like my room which has been on hold forever. The weekend I planned to finish is was the weekend the back spasms came on. It's just one wall too, which couldn't be more frustrating. Perhaps by Thanksgiving? Well, maybe I'll just take one holiday at a time, first things first!

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