Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Linus Blankets

I just want to take a minute to say how enjoyable it is to do a charitable thing for another person. In this craziness right now with the economy and the constant barage of bad or negative news we keep getting bombarded with everyday, it's a comfort to know that simple human kindness is still alive and well. This past weekend, while at the post office we ran into a woman who's car had died. The weather was cold, AAA was called but 45 minutes lat, she was in a horrible spot to be stranded, and the poor woman was just pacing. My mother asked her if she needed help, to which the woman explained what happened, and my mother said, do you need anything, a phone?, something? The poor woman, all she wanted was a warm cup of coffee. No in Irondequoit the post office is right around the corner from dunkin donuts, so we drove over, picked up a cup and took it back to her. She was very surprised, and it was a great feeling to know that just possibly we had made her day a little bit brighter and she may just pass it on. It was also nice to see that AAA pulled in just as we were leaving, so we knew she was going to be ok.

In the vain of charitable giving I'm still going strong with the Linus Project blankets. Combined we have 9 completed, and I started another one this weekend. They are simple, quick little things, but how nice it is to know some little one will have something to cuddle and comfort him when he needs it most. Here are some pics.

Blue and Green Baby Blanket(thanks to Lauren at work and her incredible garbage bag of free yarn)

The Crazy Granny that I started when my back went out this past fall. It was all I could do, since I couldn't walk, stand or lay down. It's made from all the little ends of the yarn from other projects, and could have seriously kept going.

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