Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nerd Family

I have finally spent some time actually focusing on my long deprived Etsy store. I've even figured out how to link it to my facebook page, should any of my lovely friends decide to purchase anything they don't have to leave the comfort of facebook. I mean really is there anything this site can't do? LOVING IT!! Melvin and Nona are listed finally, and the little lady in red, Rube, is slated to go off to my friend Donna who recently ran into a ruff patch. She comes complete with her own coordinating red rosary which fits perfectly into her crochet pocket. Donna, did I mention that I need the new address?

I've also spent a few moments listing a lovely hand embroidered vintage tablecloth. I really didn't want to part with it. It's pristine and the stitching is almost perfect, but there's just no room to store all the wonderful things that I come across at thrift stores. Isn't it beautiful? It deserves to be on the table of someone who can love it all the time.
Ok, enjoy the photos. Now that I'm done, I can head back to the studio, but first a stop for an overdue cup of coffee.

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