Sunday, June 13, 2010

A chunk of wood (doorstop) with style

I brought this block of wood home a few weeks ago, because at that time I thought it would make a great door stop for my lovely 1950's bedroom door that does not stay latched. Ever like to sleep with you window open on a nice night and have the door slam when theres a breeze? No fun. So this solution worked great (at least it was better than stacking books) but it was UGLY, and needed some dressing up. At my sisters workshop yesterday I decided that this would be my project, so I took my box of collage scrap and the handy modgepodge, and started composing and gluing. Now it's a Door Stop with Style.


Sus said...

Love this and it is definitely your style! I am so proud of you for using up your stash!

Lisa said...

I never take conventional crafts to my sisters crops, so it's like i have three heads while I'm working on my projects, but I love it! It needed some dressing up. It's not your typical door stop.