Friday, June 25, 2010

I MADE THIS: Vintage Waverly Aprons

The sewing room is beginning to feel a brief sigh of relief that some of my many cut out projects are finally getting put together. My girlfriends call me the finisher, so I might as well live up to the name right? Anyway, here's a few of my recent finished projects which I hope to have listed in the store by weekend.
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This blue vintage Waverly fabric was one of my favorites, and it was heartbreaking to cut into it, but the apron looks awesome.

This was another one of my vast collection of vintage Waverly fabric samples. We met a lovely lady a few years ago who's husband was a salesman for the company. She was selling off her collection at $1.00 a piece. I spent almost $75.00 that day because they were just to wonderful to pass up. I mean, you just don't find a stash like that everyday.

Ok, so this isn't a real vintage piece of fabric, it's a reproduction, but it's still fun none the less, and matched with the red and white polka dot lining, it's just pops! It's also made with the larger sized girls in mind. ;)

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