Thursday, September 09, 2010

Upcycled Pillows

I've been so frustrated lately by the amount of fabric that goes into a landfills. Fabric is one of those lovely resources, that if used correctly, can have countless lives as different things. A while back I found this beautiful tablecloth, vintage of course, but it was in terrible shape. It had stains,holes and odd little marks. After constant washes and soaks, I managed to get it clean, attacked all the bad areas with a sharpie marker so I could see where they were, and set about cutting. I managed to get enough for four 12x12" pillows, countless 4" squares for quilting, and about six 6" squares. After pairing it with some vintage red and white vintage ticking fabric, they became sweet little pillows. It's safe to say that I look at fabric as a sustainable resource, and lately my crafting has turned in that direction (remind me to post about the necktie cup cozies When it comes to these little guys...well they are just adorable don't you think?

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