Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just because I can...I think

Mum and I met a lovely lady this weekend through Craigslist. She was selling a large quantity of sewing items and she was just a pleasure to talk to. One of the items we came home with was a large box of vintage patterns. None of them were even close to my size, but I love vintage patterns. There were two in particular that really spoke to me simply because everytime I see someone wearing that style of dress, say somewhere like on tv, I'm trying to figure out how it goes together. So now the mystery is solved. I can read the pattern and find out. Well long story short, I decided I had to try to put it together, but of course I have to be even more creative and put a different style skirt on it. I'll post pictures of the process soon. It's my first attempt in a long time to make an "adult size"(a small skinny adult size)piece of clothing, so it's a slow go, but I'm not entirely discouraged with the progress so far. I guess I'll have to find someone it will fit, so it may eventually go on the store (if it comes out ok) because there's no way it will fit anyone I know.

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PiNkdOtTiEs said...

Hey there!!
Oh I am so glad you found some good, you are just so lucky! but you deserve all the good finds you come across! Wow, a small pattern! I don't know if people where size small anymore since average women are like 8-12. I'm a 14 so I guess I'm well not average. I'm sure you will find someone that will love your creations!