Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring Ahead?

So where is this spring I've heard so much about, and remember so fondly? It's starting to feel like it will never get here, but I suppose I should stay positive right? We were supposed to go to Buffalo this weekend for a scapbook crop that my sister was hosting,I even took a vacation day from work on Friday to get stuff ready for it, but as you can see from the photo above we had a lovely winter storm blow through. It was fortunate that my sisters event has been postponed until later at the end of the month, because we just would not have been able to drive there in such severe weather. At any rate the picture above is the after effects of shoveling three times since Saturday. I'd say we had two feet easy when it was all done. We still have to do the cars, but that's a job for a little bit later. Right now it's all about staying warm and having a lovely cup of hot coffee.

At any rate we had some time on Friday morning before the storm hit to run some errands. We went out to Craftbits in Fairport to drop off some donations, and on the way back into the city I had plans to see a girl who was selling her sewing machine on Craiglist. My sewing machine recently decided it was not going to behave and I've been searching for a new one, but I'm not loving any of the new models out there and the ones I have liked are well out of my price range. So I was very excited when for $40.00 I got a decent used in great condition singer sewing machine. It has more stitches than mine did and even does button holes..yay! So since the weather was horrible it was a weekend of staying home and working on some unfinished sewing projects. The picture above is an apron made from a piece of the waverly fabric I picked up from another lady on Craigslist a few weeks ago. I just love it, and plan to list it in my shop soon.

I even managed to finish up this hat and scraf set that I started last weekend. I love how it came out, and plan on doing more matchig sets soon. I love the play of colors with the pink white and yellow. Simple and fresh, dressy but casual too. This will be going in my store, but was primarily made for the show I'm doing at work next November. Well, sorry this is so long. It's been a long weekend and we have sewing students coming in at 1:00 today, so it's off to the sewing room to get some more things done before they get here. Chao!


Joanne said...

Totally cute apron! The hat and scarf are almost nice enough to wear for Easter, unless Spring actually arrives.

PiNkdOtTiEs said...

cute apron and i love the snot, the weather is the best now here in los angeles. I guess spring is my fav season, i get to wear sweaters and not be too hot or cold.