Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still waiting for Spring

It's funny how every Sunday evening I think, "Wow, just where did the weekend go?". If it weren't for the pictures I take of the things I actually do accomplish on the weekends, I would think I had completely wasted the time. The nice thing is that despite the snow fall we had this morning, the sun actually made an appearance this weekend, which was awesome. I'm still thrown off however by the fact that next Sunday is already Easter. It's two weeks early. At any rate I finally made a point of sitting down and working on the Easter cards for my niece and nephews. Originally the idea was to lace up the cards and send them like post cards through the mail, but there's a candy surprise inside and they rattle. In the day and age of scary things going through the mail, I don't want to freak out my sisters mailman anymore than I have in the past. I still like how they came out, and they were simple to do. They were just what this winter weary crafter needed to brighten the day.

I also got a new toy in the mail this week. I ordered this round scallop punch from my sister who sells scrapbook supplies. We ended up making a deal where she would pay for it in trade for me sewing all the little round badges onto my nieces girl scout sash. I think she got the better end of the the sash is done. As soon as it was I went right off to playing with it. I bought it to make tags for all of my finished creations. They will serve as price tags as well. I like how they came out, and can't wait to get the tagger from Joann etc, with my coupon, so I can start getting things organized for the sale next year.

And last but not least the dress is done! It came out great! I ended up piecing two different patterns together but just look how cute it came out! I realized when the dress was completely finished just how environmentally friendly it is, which couldn't please me more. From start to finish the dress has been made from recycled and reclaimed items. The fabric, the zipper, the thread, and even the patterns I used were all reclaimed. The fabric was from craft bits someone donated, the zipper was a new one found in a bag from the thrift store and was from the 1970's, the thread was donated to craft bits and cost .25 cents, and even the patterns were from 1970 and recieved from a local freecyler who was getting rid of them. If everyone took the time to use what we already had instead of throwing things out and just going to get more, the environment would be so much happier. Now if I only knew a "tween" it would fit, I'd be all set! Maybe I'll just have to put it in my store. It won't fit me, but I loved making it anyway. Challenge accomplished!


EvilSusan said...

LOVE the dress and the cards, +and the punch too!

I miss stamps and punches and such... I am having a Stampin' Up! lady+ do a class at school on April 3rd just so I can play! She is charging $8 for 2 cards and a big paper clip bookmark but it will be worth it just to get to play!

You guys are welcome to come... if you feel like driving all the way to FLCC!

PiNkdOtTiEs said...

YOu should sooo put it for sale on your shop, spring is here and well I know a lot of girls will love it.