Thursday, June 12, 2008

In other news...

I got my invitation to join the Spoonflower Beta. I'm very excited to have my own design printed onto fabric. Just the thought of it is AWESOME. I have been learning the new CS3 Suite with the help of a friend of mine at work and have my design ready to go. Now as soon as payday hits I click the ORDER button and it will be on it's way. Imagine that! Me as a fabric designer. Who knew?

UPDATE: Payday is here at last! Here's my design: I ordered two yards. In 2-3 weeks I should have it in the mail. I can't even tell you all how exciting this is. Just imagine the possibilities!!

Here's some info from an article about Spoonflower at ReadyMade:

"Just a spoonful: Spoonflower custom fabric
Feeling stymied by the fabric choices out there? Yeah, me too. So I was stoked to see that fabric is the next medium on its way to being fully customizable. Two husband-and-wife teams in Chapel Hill, NC have started Spoonflower, a web site where you can upload an image or pattern of your choice and have it printed on fabric. Because the site is still in beta (get your invitation to check it out by filling out this online form), all designs are printed on 100 percent cotton and you may only order up to 5 yards (at $18/yard). You can also order a sample swatch (8"x8) for $5 or a fat quarter (21"x18) for $11 to make sure you’re keen on your composition before you commit.Spoonflower’s FAQs include all the necessary details on how to compose a repeating pattern image, as all designs will be tiled to fit your chosen fabric size. Visit their blog to view a helpful slideshow that covers exactly how the process works, along with a video of recently printed fabrics from beta-testers. Plus, the turnaround time is pretty fast; Spoonflower estimates a mere week for printing and shipping. I dare say, this is a fabric revolution."

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