Friday, February 26, 2010

The First Yudu Screen Print

It took about four days from the time I took the machine out of the box to figure out how to make a print. After some ruined emulsion issues the third finally took. I can easily see that this is going to be a very fun and useful tool when it comes to my artwork. The only real issue is the amount of time it really takes for Yudu Emulsion Screens to dry. It is not the 20 minutes they suggest in the instructions. By the third try with the emulsion sheet it took more like 45 minutes to completely dry (mine is set up temporarily in my living room so I popped movie in while I waited). Then there's the eight minutes to burn the image into the screen (my favorite part), about 15 minutes to wash the unexposed emulsion out, 20 minutes to dry the screen enough to put on the block after washing the emulsion out, I ended up with some holes that were easily filled in with the emulsion block fluid I picked up when I bought my Yudu, and then about another 40 minutes for the screen block to dry. After all that the fun part started. I will say that the Yudu does make a very crisp clean burn of the image in the screen, and I was not disappointed when I pulled the first print (which is above). All I can say is look out studio, I just opened up a whole new world of sewing possibilities. Isn't the little tiger adorable. Happy Chinese New Year.

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