Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quilt Squares for sale: SOLD!!

These have sold! Thanks.

In the true fashion of sewing and quilting I don't throw any scrap away, not until I cut them down to quilt squares anyway, but I officially have too much stuff, so I'm cleaning. Last night I went through the studio and think that I am finally able to part with my boxes of 4.5" quilt squares. There are well over 800+ squares. I totally lost count, and really I think it was a bit insane to try to count them all anyway. So if you are interested I plan on sticking them on my Etsy store tonight, for $35.00. These are all clean, 100% cotton,  some prewashed, provide a great variety of color and designs and come from a smoke/pet free home. As a bonus i've even tossed in some of the heavier canvas squares that I've had left over from the diaper bags I make.


Sus said...

Oh my god!!!!! Someone on etsy is getting a great deal!! I am going to ask Sherry tonight if she is interested.

Lisa said...

Yep! It's an awesome deal. It took a lot to part with them, but I'm being a big girl about it. LOL! Besides, I still have another box and a half.