Thursday, July 22, 2010

TONIGHT: Saint Cecilias in Irondequiot to host Angels of Mercy, Dresses for Uganda

Yesterday in our local community newspaper, my mom found an article about a church in our area, St. Cecelia's, who is hosting an Angels of Mercy Dress Making Marathon, for little girls in Uganda and Haiti. Apparently when these girls don't have good clothing to wear, predators are more likely to abuse, or sell these girls into slavery (yes, including the sex trade) because it appears they are uncared for. The thought of this made my heart sick, especially considering I had four completed/semi-completed little girl dresses hanging in my studio, that I made just because I was teaching myself. I ran around, finishing them up, and then mom and I then proceeded to fill a bag full of fabric and other supplies. It makes me feel a little like Cinderella's fairy godmother. I have a talent, and I'm putting it to use in the service of other people. It's a nice feeling. Here are the four I'm donating. They are so cute!


Back (with little pantaloons)

The event starts at 6pm tonight, and they are in need of fabric, gently used pillow cases, and supplies, along with people to sew, cut and iron.Their goal is to attempt to make 100 dresses. I called the coordinator who was very excited for any help/materials we could donate. If you want to help, please email me, I'm sure the more the merrier.

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