Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Banner for Craft Table

I had gotten this cool idea that it would be fun to make a pennant banner that would hang across the front of my table at the shows, or even across the shutters in the future. The goal was to put the letters spelling out my business name on each of them, with my little bird Avitar that Karla designed for me separating the two words. Once I started I liked them better plain. 

I bought five yards of this blue fabric yesterday to make them, and even though I didn't need that much, if you have ever gone to a fabric store on your lunch hour, a week before Halloween, you know it's best to buy a bunch of what you are there for right then and there, because going back and getting in quickly will not be an option for a while. 

Making the little scalloped pieces was easy. I traced them onto two sandwiched pieces of fabric, stitched along the traced line, and then cut them out. Once flipped right side out, I pressed, top stitched, and then made the bias tap to attach them too. I was up pretty late working on them, and hung them in my room to get a photo before passing out for the night. I like them, and now want to make more to hang all over the room, and maybe even the house!! 

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