Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BAM BAM Halloween Slam

This time of year is one of my favorites, it's also my busiest time of year, with craft shows, Christmas craft creating, homework, a full time job, and oh, yeah, did I mention Halloween is next week?? My co-worker and I made a deal a few years ago that she would wear a costume on Halloween, if I could come up with something that slipped on over her normal clothing, she could sit in it, and it didn't have a hat. Every year, hers is the easiest one for me to concept. This Halloween the theme at work it the Flintstones. I have the entire Rubble family's costumes to make, and now Fred. My co-worker is BAM BAM Rubble, and she knows why! LOL! Her costume is above, at least the beginning of it anyway. The fuzzy sash has to be hand stitched on and then cut to look like an animal skin, and the black triangles ironed on to the little orange "skirt". We even bought her a little plastic cave man club!! BAM! BAM! BAM!


Jea said...

Hahaha!! I love it!! Hihi!

Sus said...

Very cute.... do your co-workers KNOW how lucky they are to have you???

Lisa said...

Between my friend here at work (Kristie) and I, they are very much spoiled!!! I hope they know.