Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Thrifternoon!

Preparations are coming along nicely for the craft show that I am doing in three weeks. Wow! Three weeks already, man time is racing. This weekend I had a small list of items that I was still looking for to use as display on the table, and darned if the Universe didn't provide them all at a fraction of the cost. 

The list included: Another shutter/bi-fold door, a white sheet, another small wicker shelf (like the one pictured above), and a white turtle neck to use on the bust above. Ask and ye shall receive!
  • The bi-fold door I found on for $5.00 from someone in Brockport. It was brand new in the package. It's solid mahogany, and I'm going to be bad and paint it. It's in the garage awaiting a cut in half, and about 5 cans of spray paint.
  • The little wicker shelf I was certain I would not find again locally and had plans of actually spending $20.00 for one on Etsy, but mom has a good eye and found one for $3.99 at the Brockport Volunteers of America Store. It's came home green, but already has one coat of white gloss spray paint. It will match the one above in the picture. 
  • The white sheet I found for $2.00 at this Barn Sale on Rt.104 almost to Holly. We stop there every now and again. It was a JC Penny Full Flat sheet, brand new in the package! Hello tablecloth!! I hope to created a pennant banner to hang across the table in front of it. (I just keep adding to the list don't I).
  • The turtle neck shirt was $3.99, also at the Volunteers of America store in Brockport. It was pristine, with the exception of a small red cardinal on the collar. I came home, flipped it inside out,cut off the sleeves, and started fitting it tightly to the bust. Now I just have to glue the collar and bottom of shirt to the inside and it's brand new (and white). Perfect for displaying my aprons.
    I've had this bust for about four years now, purchased from It's hand made for sure, but strong. The only problem is that it's ugly and covered in this horrible cheesecloth type material.  It also isn't practical for using when it comes to displaying aprons, or items that are long. My goal was to make it pretty and portable. Here's where I started:

    The bust, when it was made, had a wooden bar across the center of it. In order to make it higher, I bought two threaded flanges and an 18" threaded pipe. Initially I spray painted the pipe, but then remembered I had just enough of this vintage contact paper to cover it. You have to think to yourself, who would contact paper a pipe? Me, it's all me.

    The turtleneck that I picked up at the volunteers of America thrift store was then used to cover the bust. I flipped it inside out, and started fitting the shirt tight to the form. It took a lot of pins, and even more stay stitching, but once it was sewn up, and flipped right side out, it's very form fitting, and looks great! Now I just have to glue the collar to the inside, and the bottom to the underside, and it will be all done.

     Now, what to do about a base?? It stands fine now, but if someone knocks into the table it could be a problem. 
    I love thrifternoons don't you? 


    Sus said...

    You. Are. Amazing. That is all.

    Lisa said...

    Thanks Sus! ;)