Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is Clutter an American Problem??

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The more I look at these delicious images from the Norwegian blogs, the more I think to myself, "wow! how do I streamline my life so it's this clean and simple?" I'm a creature of clutter, I love nick knacks and dust collectors! My room, studio, and closets are all full of "stuff". Have I fallen into the American consumer hole?? Can I live with less? I'd like to think I'm working on it, but it's hard, and somehow I don't think I'm doing enough. I've become attached to the things I own. It's hard to not bring home more, and when I do I usually have an excuse to justify the purchase. So, here's my mission. I'm going to go home and re-evaluate everything, figure out if these things are really important, or can I live without them? I have a feeling that there's going to be another round of donations, so family and friends beware!! For a girl who just naturally has "stuff" thrust upon her, this could be an earth shattering decision, and it's doubly compounded by my desire to not waste anything. Wish me luck!! I'm already hyperventilating!


Jea said...

I can help you! Just let me know when! =)

peanshe said...

Call the American Pickers on the history channel :P

Just don't wind up like the hording people on the learning channel though, double :P

I watch too much TV, triple...espresso? :P

Sus said...

Wow.....and I thought you guys had little to no clutter already! Good luck!