Thursday, October 28, 2010

Betty Rubble's no square: She's round, very round

Tomorrow is the group Halloween Celebration at work. Everyone's costumes are done with the exception of my own. I'm Betty Rubble. All the other costumes were very nice, and went together from the image in my head to the sewing machine very nicely, and I have no doubt that mine will all come together after a few hours of work tonight. I've imagined some interesting scenarios for Plus size Betty, that included a box of donuts, chocolates, some smeared mascara, well you get the idea.  The hardest part of this costume has been working around the fact that this Betty will be round, VERY ROUND! How do you make a skin tight costume work on a girl with no real angles and ALL CURVES????? It's coming down to the wire, but  I'm confident, at least that this plus size Betty will be ready to rock ,and Bedrock Bowl with the best of them tomorrow, blue bow and all, Bam a lam a lam!


Sus said...

I always love your costumes... you can ROCK a Betty Rubble...don't worry!

donna aka CancerGirl said...

In case you didn't notice Betty has curves too.... You just gotta work them girl! ;)