Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from a Modern Stone Age Family!

Greetings from the Flintstone/Rubble clans. Today was awesome! Somehow it all came together, as it usually does. The costumes were finished in time and everyone who said they would turned up to play their part.

We started the day, as we usually do on Halloween at work, by dressing up, and then slowly wandering into each other offices and laughing until our sides hurt. This year was no exception. We even wandered around the majority of campus to a repeating track of "Meet the Flintstones", which is the height of hilarity, because people just really didn't know what hit them, and it advertised we were coming.

While processing, Dino was in rare form. He ran down deserted hallways, jumped up on chairs to stare at people behind glass windows, went though the lunch line in the SAU, and even got back at some heckling students who yelled "BAD DINOSAUR!" when we walked by them. I won't lie, watching students throw a plastic bone so Dino can run and return, nearly caused me to wet my pants right then and there!!!

Bam Bam even got a bit over zealous with the club, and broke it about half way through the trek. That's one tough kid!

I'll be posting more photos on facebook over the weekend, so don't forget to put the cat out for the night, and Happy Halloween everyone, this Betty is out! ;)


Jade said...

Yabba Dabba Dooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg now i wish i worked somewhere like that.. everyone is into dressing up. - karla

Sus said...

Everyone looks fantastic! Sounds like you had fun!