Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Craft Show Booth Prep: Four days to Go!

My first show of the season is this Saturday at the Atonement Lutheran Church on Westfall Road. I've known this show has been coming up for about two months now, but somehow the fact that now it is only four days away has pushed me back into overdrive. Remember how I'm trying to balance work and homework in there too? Oy! I'm happy to say that it's coming along very nicely! 

I'm getting very excited for the show, even if it only makes me a little money that will be enough, and the goal was to get my feet wet doing this again anyway. I've attached a few photos here of my preset, which I put together last night in the CraftZone. Thank you mom for the use of your table! I'm trying to work out the spacing to make things go a bit faster when the actual set up up happens Friday night. 

My goal this year was to try and streamline the table, making it simple and clean, and also try to go UP with the display space. A few weeks ago I posted about how I found everything I needed to finish the display in one round of Sunday Thrifting and that rocked, when it came to getting things finished up display wise. Purses are hard to display when they are just stacked flat on the table, and I wanted the table to be interactive and allow people to pick things up and look at them. The white base for everything assists with all the different colored items popping off the table. So far I think it looks pretty decent, what do you think?

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Sus said...

I think it looks wonderful.... like I want to touch everything!