Monday, November 08, 2010

Church Ladies

This weekend was my first of two shows for the season, and I know now that all the kinks are worked out, so the RIT show on December 8th, should go smoothly. The booth looked amazing, but I've decided that I most likely won't do the show at this church again in the future. I'd forgotten that they weren't my target market, being mostly  older senior ladies, who would do a quick glance, give a hrumpf and move on. The day was slow, although I did have a run on crochet octopi, scarves and I'm usually just happy to make my table fee back, which we did, so I don't consider it a total bust.  I also was very frustrated by the little old lady who was assisting a friend at the booth across from mine. She was very keen to tell me what I was doing wrong, fiddle with my displays, and even spent some time table blocking me, by gossiping with a friend who came to perusing the show. All I could think was, what kind of Christian are you bad mouthing your other friends in a church?! It always amazes me how easily it is for people to slip into this mode and forget how to treat people.


Sus said...

Sorry it didn't go better..... but at least things are all set for RIT! Love the pic posted here.... where is it from?

Lisa said...

I got though it, but the economy is slow too. Etsy and RIT are my best target markets.
The picture is actually a rubber stamp. It's an image I found this morning, when I typed in "gossiping ladies" in the google search bar.