Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bohemian Bag: Watch out Vera Bradley!!

As most of you know right now, I'm pretty busy prepping for two upcoming shows, and attempting to do homework plus a full time job as well, so In an attempt to take back some of my life I have decided to spend less time on Facebook (which I had been doing a lot of) and more time in the studio, in order to prep. There's so much to do! I guess I'm considering it Hermit mode somehow, and with the rainy, fall, Rochester weather hitting us hard at the moment I'm fighting hibernation mode pretty hard. So, anyway, I discovered a new bag style for this year. It's a Bohemian style bag, and uses elastic at the top to cinch it closed. This one is made from a really funky corduroy that I bought the whole bolt of at the end of the season last year, and has a simple gray lining. The rings are reclaimed from another old purse and look amazing. After I made this one I decided to shorten the handle so it's more of a shoulder bag than a sling. I have about six more cut out and they only take about an hour and a half to make. I plan at some point to make myself one too. Watch out Vera Bradley! Here I come!! 


Sus said...

LOVE this bag.... it is so you! Keep up the good work, Lisa....you are inspiring!

donna aka CancerGirl said...

Hey Lisa thanks for reminding me about blogs. I'm going to have to try and put something on there for when you come up for air!

Got my eyes on the dandelion pillow... If you decide on making it in red or brown let me know. ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks Sus & Donna.
Donna I can make the Dandelion pillow in whatever color you want, but it would like nice on brown. The red might be too "christmasie" with the red, white and green.