Thursday, October 07, 2010

Boho Bag Round II

OK, what about this one? I really like this style of bag! It's definitely my new favorite! I want to thanks everyone who recently made comments about the one posted I posted the other day. I can't tell you what your compliments mean to me. I usually just keep plugging along, in the hope that someone will like my work, and at some point want to buy it. This one I made last night, and WOW! The fabric and the style play perfectly off each other, don't you think? I have pulled out a stack of fabric that's been around my studio  forever just for these bags, and I plan on listing them on the store this weekend. By then I hope to have two more done, so there should be a nice selection. The bags are 18 x 22", which makes them good sized. 
I'm pretty sure at some point, I'll be using this fabric again to make one for myself, which will hang prominently in my own closet, but this one will be up for grabs to some lucky person, so keep an eye out for the store this weekend. This is the link:

I'm also enjoying my recent decision to focus more on taking this business to the next level. I've been working on packaging and displays, all in preparation for my shows. My studio is going from storage to store, and that was the goal. The organization keeps getting easier. Instead of going home and watching three hours of TV, I spend that time in the studio working, and it feels incredible. I mean come on, I can watch reality TV, or live in reality. This is the better choice. 

Thanks for looking everyone! Have a great day!

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