Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Craftiness!

I've been spending a long time building up to the point I want to take my business, and I think after all these years I am starting to finalize the direction I intend to go, which feels AMAZING! I've been working diligently around the clock lately to do all the creative and marketing for my store/blog, and I think I'm starting to see the light. It's not easy to do both, and juggle everything else too, but right now it's mostly time management, and that's o.k. We are all superwoman after all, right? This weekend was incredible. I managed to get so much done. I made three more BOHO bags, and cut out two more, finished four pillows, one that I started embroidering Friday night, cleaned more of the studio, created a storage/store area, printed out new business cards and labels, and began packaging the items. I somehow, even managed to find time to photograph all the items and get them listed on the store. I feel so good about the direction I'm taking life right now, and it's also safe to say that I count the hours until I can get back into the studio for another round! 

Hand Embroidered Dandelion Pillow 16 x 16"

Floral BOHO Bag 18 x 22"

 Black and Green Floral Corduroy BOHO Bag 18 x 20"

 Pair of Screen Printed Buddha Pillows in Red 16 x 16

 Buddha Pillow Detail

 Red Mandala Apron

 Red Mandala Apron Hidden Pocket Detail


Sus said...

The site looks fantastic...I am so proud of you and your determination to get your business up and running... you are awesome!

Jea said...

I love the Buddha pillows!!!