Thursday, December 09, 2010

2010 Faculty & Staff Winter Craft Sale at RIT

Yesterday was the R.I.T. Faculty and Staff 2010 Winter Craft Sale. This is the sale that I work all year towards, and this year was great! I put a lot of thought into making the most eye catching booth I could this year, and at first I thought that I had brought too much stuff with me, but it all fit and worked out somehow.
I have two criteria when it comes to doing shows; 1. The booth must be colorful with modern items and 2. it must all be compact and easily transportable. The weather yesterday was very cold and it took three trips to walk everything inside, but my lovely grad student, Jade, who make the crochet octopi I sell for her, was there as soon as I got in, and helped me lug and unload, and then we were met by my other grad student, Jeanette, and they all helped me set up. What awesome girls! Thanks to both of you! 
I had a great day, a lot of people took our cards, we sold so much that when we packed up we had two empty boxes (that's never happened before) and we were photographed / interviewed all day long. Phew! 
It was just such an incredible success, that I had to keep up with my store all day, removing items from it, as they sold from the booth. Thank god for smart phones. This is also my last sale for the season, so I'll be starting to post all the rest of the items on my store, and then start/finish up my Christmas crafting. Only 16 more days to go!


 My Mom and Helper Elf, Elaine of the Craft Zone, had a good day herself with the sale of a number of bags and even an apron! 

 Part of C.I.A.S. Row, Shawna Newcomb and her business partner were selling beautiful jewelry. Somehow the College of Imagine Arts and Science girls monopolized the front row, and that was fun!

This is how compact i travel. Light and Easy to carry, but on the way out instead of making three trips, I borrowed the cart for one instead! Now it all starts to get put away, back in the studio! Wish me luck, and Thanks to Everyone who was able to stop by! I really appreciated it.


Jade said...

YAY! Your stand was totally cute and I looooooooove my robot pillow. He is watching TV with me right now, haha.

Definitely want to do a craft day with you soon! The grad lab needs sprucing up and I need some decoration for my bedroom at home, I think those banners would be perfect for both.

On a side note, how much cloth should I buy if I want to make an apron with different patterns on each side? That way if I find the perfect cloth I'll know how much to get!

donna aka CancerGirl said...

Nice Lisa - glad it went well for you!