Friday, December 10, 2010

I MADE THIS: 2010 Screen Printed Holiday Postcards

I try each year to make my own holiday greeting cards, and this year I think I've gotten them done just in time. I screen printed these on my personal YUDU screen printing machine. Funny story, these took forever because I thought I needed to buy a 220 mesh screen and more emulsion sheets, and so I did, which both became delayed in shipping. When I went down to my studio to clean up the screen printing area, in order to prep for printing, I realized that not only had I already purchased a screen, but that I even had two emulsion sheets left. (Moral of the story: Shop in your own stuff first!!!). I really enjoyed how much more professional the screen printing looks after using a finer mesh, and leave it to me to make a black Holiday card, but the white really pops off it! Of course the black ones were a short run, and only for a select few who grasp my dark humour. The majority were printed on red. Look for them soon in your mailboxes! Only 15 more days to go! ;)

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