Monday, December 20, 2010

Work Themed "WORD" Snowflakes


This year I've been attempting to come up with fun, inexpensive ideas to decorate the office. After putting up the stocking, across the front of the student workers desk, and having fun with the office ladies leaving little gifts and candy, I thought why not make up some paper snow flakes. To add a twist to them though, I wrote words, and very carefully cut around them, with a very tiny pair of paper scissors. They came out great! The fun thing is that it's not instantly apparent that there is a word used to make the snowflake so it's been great watching people try to figure out what they say. Here are some more pics.

 "SPM" Short for School of Print Media

Snowflakes as they were originally cut out 


  Snowflakes 1/4 open

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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!