Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Back in the Spring...I mean Swing of things!

Above is another one of my BOHO Style bags. It's 18x22" and is made from a wild floral fabric. It's just so bright and colorful, and lets face it, for those of us who have been under a lot of white stuff lately it's so nice to have some bright color now and again.
It's been a long winter for me and now that I am no longer cooped up and on disability I feel compelled to make up for lost time. I've been doing some cleaning and re-organizing of my studio, since I've decided to take a break this quarter from academics, and get life back on track. I've been discovering all of these items that I've made and been stockpiling, and I've been putting them, a few at a time on the store. It's a slow go considering how much I actually have made, but I'm determined. 

These are some of the reclaimed fabric coasters I've been making, when I come across scraps of fabric that work well for them. They are generally made from fabrics left over from vintage reclaimed tablecloths, napkins, or clothing. The fabric is quilted to a piece of 100% cotton batting, which makes them more Eco Friendly. It's just another small way I'm attempting to keep as much fabric out of the waste steam as possible. 

 Reclaimed Fabric Coaster Set (SOLD)

And then there are these, my fabric "cup cozies". I absolutely hate that we use the cardboard ones and then throw them out. It's an incredible waste. I make these, again, out of snippets of reclaimed fabrics, many times vintage, and use cotton batting inside. They fold flat and are great to keep in the car. They are also washable which makes them more environmentally friendly because you aren't going to throw it out after one cup of coffee. It's a small personal mission but every little bit right?
I'm really looking forward to Spring and March/April in general. Not only is March my birthday month, so there will be much celebrating on my part, but it's also national craft month. A happy coincidence I believe. I have a fair amount of commission work that I will be catching up on over the next few weeks, which include two baby quilts and a Rastafarian hat and scarf set. I'll be a busy little worker bee for sure! I also plan to keep working on listing all of my vintage finds on the store as well. For a small preview you can check them out on my other blog: thethriftgift.blogspot.com.
Happy Spring Everyone! 

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Nostalgic in Maine said...

Love the cup cozies! Great idea for fabric scraps. The matching coasters are darling too - will definitely try to sew some of those.

Great blog by the way - you are an inspiration!