Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reclaimed Vintage Fabric Coasters

I have a stack of fabric that is just waiting to begin it's new life as these little lovelies. The wonderful thing about these coasters, aside from the fact that they are up-cycled, is that they are washable. Just toss them into the laundry with your clothing, and they are ready for the next round. They are lightweight and child friendly too. Recently a woman purchased a set of them on my store because her little girl kept picking up the stone ones she had around her house, and she was afraid she might get hurt. I thought "wow, great idea!". These brown ones are a particular favorite. It's difficult to see in the picture but there is a gold highlights. I backed them with a regular solid brown cotton.

These were made out of a pair of old linen napkins. They had a great mod organic design in green and blue. They came out really nice, and look puffy from the quilting. Since I had two napkins I was able to back them in the same fabric. I hope to list them in the store later today.

Quilting Details

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Nostalgic in Maine said...

I have made coasters like this too (also from thrifted fabric), but I am loving your brown ones! Great fabric :-)