Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Current State of Affairs...and Garage!

Let me start out by saying that I always start out with only the best intentions. I know my capabilities and talents, and yets what I don't seem to learn is my sense of time management. Right now I feel like my life is completely up in the air. I'm sure many of you have had this feeling before, like you've taken all the balls of your life and tossed them into the air, only to juggle them in the hopes of not letting anything drop. Well that's what I feel like, like I'm juggling. With all the responsibilites at work, and planning a move, I've gone and added more refinishing to my plate. I'm in this race to get as much done before I lose the use of a garage to do sanding and painting, and let me not even get into all of the sewing commissions I've gotten behind in because I lost twelve weeks of my life from a back injury. I can't be the only one that does this right? I hope there are some of you out there that do this too, because I'd hate to think I was alone.

So anyway, this week I realized that all the tables and chairs we currently owned were too big for the new townhouse, so that sent me on a search of craigslist to see what I could find, and to make a long story short, yesterday we picked up my "new to me" mid century modern dining table and chairs. They are a bit chippy and have seen some wear, but it's nothing that my capable woodfiller, sander, and can of spray paint can't fix. This is where the additional work comes in.

Here is a picture of the current state of the desk I've been working on for a few weekends now. I've lost track of the time and expense, but at this point, all it needs is two more coats of paint. I've finished all of the drawers and put the hardware back on them. For the picture I inserted one, so you could all see just how nice it's going to look. I plan on protecting the surface with a piece of Plexi-glass cut to size. I will first see if I can salvage that from the desk we are already using, and if it won't come clean, I'll just break down and have a new one cut. Jury is still out, but I should have that decided before the desk is in it's new home and the computer gets set up.

I want to take a minute here for a little product plug. Has anyone else tried this Frog Tape yet? I want to just say here that I will never, ever, ever use the blue painters tape again. This stuff does exactly what it says it does and I've never experienced such perfect, crisp paint lines with no bleeding under the tape, the stuff is amazing!!

Here is the current state of the garage! Lot's of furniture, lots of paint, lots of boxes.

And now, Introducing my new table and chairs! I am completely in love with Mid-Century Modern Design, so when I went on the search for a set, I started with Craigslist. This set is sturdy wood with a modern tapered leg. It has a drop leaf that extends the table larger if we need, but with the leaf down it's the perfect size for our new home. They have some nicks and dings, but I'm more than confident that they will all clean up with some tender loving care, new paint and new fabric. 

I've already picked out the paint, and bought four cans to start. This Rustoleum paint is amazing at covering in less coats ( I used it on some shutters for my table display and it was amazing), and I just couldn't resist the lure of the robins egg blue. I'll try to post pics as I go of the progress, but all of this furniture will start with the removal of seat cushions and a nice soapy wash down. Well I better sign off here. If I don't get painting soon, I won't finish any of these projects, and the weather will be getting hot and muggy, perfect for drying paint, but I don't want to be sweaty longer than I have too. :) 

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