Thursday, August 18, 2011

99/44 100% Drawers Don't stick anymore!

Here's a helpful little tip for everyone. Ivory Soap is not just for cleaning anymore, well I guess it never really was, but I thought this was a great solution. I just finished painting my desk, and annoyingly one drawer decided to stick where the paint met. I chalked it up to the wood being swollen from the extreme heat and humidity we've been having, but as it's cooled off the problem persisted. I went on the hunt for wax thinking if I waxed the drawer and lip where the paint was sticking the drawer would slide open more easily (kind of like using butter to get someones head stuck from between a banister or something). We'll I guess my mother realized what I was up too because she caught me just in time to not use the wax (which will melt and stick the drawer and desk together!! DUH right?!) and said, what I wanted was soap. I grabbed a bar of soap started to rub it on the desk, and what do you know the drawer opens now without sticking. AWESOME! I just had to share this really easy solution with everyone in case you had a similar situation going on in your home. 


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