Saturday, August 27, 2011

Upcycled Dining Room Chairs

We've been working steadily along on the move to my new townhouse, and in between all the lugging, loading, unloading and sweating beyond belief, I've also been working on the new to me, upcycled dining room table and chairs. I did some research online, that stated Kilz Original Spray Primer would cut my time in half when it came to prepping the table/chairs for painting. It works amazingly. I filled in all of the dings I could with wood filler, sanded them down, sprayed the chairs with Kilz primer and went to town with the Rustoleum 2 coat coverage spray paint.

 Primed Chair

Even though the spray paint indicates that it's a two coat coverage, it still required a second coat. Ultimately you end up with areas of white primer still showing through, so it just makes sense to go over it again. It's taken about a can and a half to do two chairs.

Here is a glimse of what the finished chairs will look like with their new chair covering fabric. I haven't attached the seats yet because I want to clear coat protect them. I found out this week, thanks to mom, that Rustoleum makes a clear coat coverage spray too, and she got me two cans for the price of the normal sealer. I've finished one chair with that this evening and it looks amazing. Now we'll have somewhere cool to sit in the new apt. Watch my thrift blog for all of the fun new items i've come across recently that will coordinate in our new happening dining room/kitchen.

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