Monday, June 04, 2012

Back in the Sewing Saddle Again! And Loving it!

This weekend turned out to be an amazing one for me when it came to communing with my studio again. I've been so long away from it on a full time basis that I took every opportunity to stick with it while the muse struck. In all I managed to get four pieces of clothing made, two more strips on my QR code quilt, and a number of other projects prepped and ready to go. The most amazing part however is that I can now see my sewing table, which is organized and clean. That right there was worth all the effort.

My main goal this weekend was to finish up as many cut out projects as I could. I bought a vintage wrap dress pattern recently, and cut it out almost immediately, however it sat cut out for almost three weeks.

(Vintage Simplicity Jiffy pattern 8125)

It's been needling at me to be finished, so come heck or high water (which there was some threat of with all the rain) I was going to get it done, and I did!

Here it is!!

My first wrap dress is done! I'm pleasantly surprised at how it came out. I amended the pattern a little bit as I went along, and I'm not thrilled at the placement of the inner ties that hold this all closed, but that can be changed on the next dress. This one is made from a beautiful vintage sheet, and it's lined with a light tan colored fabric. I'm dying to see how it will look on an actual human being so if you are a misses size 8-10 , I'm in need of a model, so just let me know. The dress form is only a size 6.

 Full length wrap dress.

It ties just under the bust line so it has a bit of an empire line to it.

Blouse (size 18 misses)

My other unfinished projects, what I affectionately call "the blouses" are now finished as well. There are only two shown here in a state of semi completion. They are all from vintage linens as well. My favorite is a little blue/green one not pictured , but I really love the pink and green one too. I have to take a photo of them finished on the form, but the sweat shop was very busy, and the sewing took precedence over the picture taking (I will, I promise).

Finished blouse (size 18 misses)


Sew Inspired said...

The pictures came out great. It looks beautiful. Didn't we have fun sewing yesterday?

Lisa said...

It was great fun, and I hope to get some more time in with my machine tonight too! :)

Pinkdotties said...

great job!! i like the first shirt :)

Lisa said...

The pastel floral one? It's a size 18, think you'd fit it?