Monday, June 18, 2012

QR Code Quilt Update

Oy! I certainly took on a project when I decided to make a mini quilt of this blogs QR code. I didn't really think at the time I was taking on a "postage stamp" quilt. The pieces when they are finally sewn together end up being the size of a postage stamp. I've made it so far to row seven. There are about 23 more rows to go. 

You can see from the chart how precise I am about making sure there's no square out of place. I've had a few not line up perfectly, but I think it will still work when I attempt to scan it, when it's completed. When that day comes I'm breaking out the champagne (and I don't drink)!

Wow! It really pops off my green dining room table! 

So many more rows to go! I better go cut some more squares. ;)

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