Monday, June 18, 2012

Hand Portrait Commission

I love Hands, and I love to do hand portraits. Every now and again through my Etsy store I get an inquiry to do a commission piece for people of their families hands. This was a commission I received last year. I finished it in September while riding a bus to D.C., took pictures when I returned, and then my back went out again for the second time. Hello Vicodin haze!! I just found the pictures tonight while cleaning out some files on my computer. I really wanted to share the finished project with you.

The lovely lady who ordered this had a pretty big family. There were six total. She sent me the tracing for each hand by email. I realized pretty quickly that all six hands wouldn't fit in the hoop individually so I asked if I could take some artistic license. I decided to make all the hands intersect, as if they were growing from each other. It worked out amazingly, one starts and stops within the other. 

The colors were inspired by a floral rug the family purchased to go in their newly remodeled living room.
When the embroidery was done I cased it in a large hoop which I painted teal.

Side view detail 

Close up of hand, hand stitched embroidery

Back of hoop with teal fabric covering the stitching

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