Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Reclaimed Craftiness

Oh poor neglected blog of mine. Has it really been a month and a half almost since I last posted on you? That damn Pinterest, it's lured me away with the thrill of eventual fun things to do, make, bake, cook and visit. What's a girl to do when a bright shiny new site like that comes along? It completely turned my head, but fear not little blog I'm back. I promise that I will attempt to complete more, post more, and just all around not ignore you.

Set of 16 floral reclaimed fabric napkins

For now I'm sharing the pictures of the craftiest things I've done this week so far. They are napkin sets made out of some of my reclaimed vintage bed linens. They are 16"x16" and are perfect for the random garden party or shower. It's the fastest way I could think to creatively start thinning out my stash. What do you think little blog? Does it pass for creative craftiness? We'll if not I promise to do better by you! Cross my heart!

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