Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Recipe worth waiting on, Om nom nom!

I'm not going to lie, I'm severely addicted to Pinterest. It's like a quick one stop shop for everything. Lately I just keep pinning recipes. I've tried a few now, and this one I actually thought to document throughout the process. Not sure why, but maybe it's because the inclination to start cooking, baking and spending any time in my kitchen at all took about 36 years to finally kick in. How`s that for a delayed domesticity huh?

Anyway, my blogs usually aren't about food, but since it's something I "made" I feel as if it meets the criteria for this blog. After all it's just crafting with a different medium right?

TA DA! Cornbread waffles with Chicken Taco Chili

The crockpot has been taking up residence in the apartment for some time now. We had met briefly, but this was the first time we actually decided to date.

The recipe is pretty simple. I mean look at it! It's just ingredients and time. No major work, unless you count actually opening the cans and dumping it into the crockpot.

It begins!
  • Stir every once in a while.....check!
  • Keep busy while kitchen smells of amazing goodness.....check!

Add five hours to the mix and it's all cooked down.

Here's a little note the recipe doesn't tell you, you actually have to take the chicken breasts out of the crockpot once they are tender and easily start to break apart. The chicken gets shredded down and put back in. It instantly thickens up the chili.

I used a Paula Dean`s Cornbread waffle recipe to make up a few of those on my trusty waffle maker and there you have it! Chicken Taco Chili. It's not super spicy like you would expect a chili to be, but I still added the cheddar cheese and sour cream. Come on, it would be a crying shame not to.

Another added note. One waffle and 3/4 cups worth of chili is enough to make you super full. This really did make what they consider eight servings, but in my household it's more like 16. We ended up feezing two and eating some throughout the week.

Can't you just imagine this bad boy for dinner once the fall weather comes round? At least this time I won't have to wait five hours! ;)

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