Sunday, February 10, 2013

No More Wasting Time

I learned a very important thing this past Friday. I lost a friend and co-worker. She was very sweet. She and I would talk on our lunch hours about all of the projects we were working on,and it seems that every time we met I would remind her of the skirt and jacket she had cut out but was still on her table to be sewn. I learned a lot from her and was better for having known her. I'll miss her alot. Life is precious, time is precious, don't waste it. I promise friend that I will do everything I set my mind to accomplish. This post is in honor of you, because I'm not wasting time with un-finished projects.

The photo above is just a cross section of the fabric that greets me as soon as I step foot into my basment studio, and it's my goal to use it all, eventually. I made a "goal" on New Years to not buy anymore, but of course I didn't stick to it very well. In my defense however it's been primiarily for the projects that I do need to work on. Like this laptop messenger bag below.


This is for a co-worker who wanted a bag to carry her computer in. I made the pattern up as I went along, adding my own signature touches to it. I had exactly one yard of the floral fabric to work with, and I swore to use every last scrap of it. Once the bag was done, I made the key lanyard, and then the envelope pouch. I have a few more things to finish up, like the strap, and then it's all hers. I love specifically how the lanyard can link to keys or the envelope pouch. My computer is the same size and I think I'll be making my Dr. Who #10 bag in this style.

The envelope pouches below, I made for my sister's birthday in February. You might remember that I made a diamond patterned scrappy scarf out of the same fabrics, and since she loved that so much, I used the remainder of the fabric for these. I really enjoy making these up, and I plan to make a bunch for my craft booth. I found the pattern on Michelle's Patterns. Her patterns are realitively inexpensive and easy to make.

The little guys fit inside the larger pouch.

Another Michelle's pattern is the little owl coin purse that I'm totally addicted to making. They are amazing scrap busters and at Christmas time, I made my student assistants one a piece. They liked them. I have been slowly assembly lining them for sale at my craft booth too. I find it funny how they look mad while they go together. They each end up with their own little personality.

In another effort to use up what I've got in the studio, I have been making fabric covered button magnets. I buy the cover buttons at garage and estate sales, and had a big box. My fridge would be covered right now, but the goal is to have as many "smalls" for sale as possible when I get to craft booth season.  

Tired yet? I am too, but that's o.k.! Almost done. I had a lot of catching up to do. So hang in there. I promise, I'm almost done. :)

I'm having lots of fun with these key fob lanyards. They take only minutes to put together, and I haven't even nicked my stash of ribbon.

So that's just a tiny cross section of the work coming out of my studio. I'm determined to get my business up and running again, as full time as possible. I haven't even gotten to the thrifty stuff I have to list, but that's a blog for tomorrow on The Thrift Gift.

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