Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How you doin'? Sew Sew!!

I have really missed my sewing machine. It's my sanity and my therapy, so not being able to use it for those reasons can be problematic, especially considering the insane stress of my day job. On top of that I've been doing an almost full time course load toward my degree (which thank god I only have a year left to do!!) Of course that hasn't meant that I have stopped buying fabric wherever I find it. The two pieces above were from a thrift store trip in March of this year. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to actually spend a day working on some fun projects for my graduating student assistants at work.

I choose to use a pattern from who has been retiring a bunch. I've gotten over 40 patterns for $10.00, during two of her $5.00 Friday sales. The PDF's and instructions are fabulous and easy to follow. 

I think the pink purse is my favorite of the two, even though I used vintage fabric for both. That one just seemed to feel more 1950's to me with that awesome gold thread running through it. I can see it with a simple dress or something fancier. I would even put a broach or two on it. 

At any rate, I have 13 more days of freedom before my summer classes start, so my sewing machine and I will be, hopefully, spending some more quality time together. I have a big craft show in December, and I feel very behind with items to sell there. 

Should I make more of these do you think? I swore I would never play with all the darts ever again, but now I'm debating it. Any thoughts??

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Sew Inspired said...

These are wonderful. You do great work.