Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Yah!, that's right! I'm quilting it!!

I have been completely inspired by the recent Staff Challenge at They made a QR quilt out of fabric designed on their site, and which actually takes you their when you scan it with your smart phone. I fell head over heels with the idea and yes, now have a new project on the plate. I painstakingly mapped out my own QR code on graph paper, holding my breath the whole time until I could scan it. Just one square off and I would have been starting the graph over.

I am not going to make mine out of 4.5" squares like the Spoonflower staff members did. I'm planning on more like 2" squares will be a bit faster. I don't want to get bored with it, and even at that size it's still going to measure just under 60x60" without binding. Guess I'm going to the fabric store, I'm going to have to restock the Kona Cotton.

I'm up for the challenge though! Wish me luck!!

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cradke said...

That looks awesome - I look forward to the finished product :)